Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Craft Show Conundrum

I've been searching for options on where to sell my crafties and not having much luck. Figured maybe I could get some help here.

Craft shows seem a bit full of blue-hairs for my taste. And word on the street is they're a great way to make $15 in an eight-hour period.

Art Fairs seem a bit out of my league. I'm not a potter or a jeweler or a photographer. I sew stuff out of other stuff.

Farmers Markets seem like the best fit, but require a substantial upfront dollar committment for a canopy, table, chairs, displays, etc.

I'll have the new Etsy shop up and running within the month, but I want to meet my customers face-to-face. Interact with them. Let them handle the goods and be won over by my charming personality.

And in case it influences your input, my current crafty obsession is making tote bags from upcycled materials. I'm still making little girl dress (also upcycled) but figured one-size-fits-all totes make more sense for a larger demographic. Also considering wristlets and reusable snack bags.


Leave a comment if you have any brilliant ideas for me.


  1. Have you thought about garage sales as a start up? If friends are having a sale give them a few items to display for you. Put tags on them with your etsy page and blog addresses. Maybe check out when your local citywide garage sale will happen and add your house to the list, you'll get traffic and maybe get your name out there as well. Could be a good networking opportunity too - someone you chat with may just have the connection you are looking for.
    Just an idea. :) Good luck!!